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Looking for a Proven Resource in Professional Growth Coaching?

Dr. Terrence Vandiver is certified member of The John Maxwell Team and a specialist in professional growth coaching. This means that he can offer you a wide range of industry-leading leadership coaching and personal growth training opportunities that will aid you with your journey to becoming a stronger leader, a more motivated individual, and a better team player. Terrence helps clients achieve higher levels of personal and professional growth through study and practical application of the proven leadership methods utilized by The John Maxwell Team


Terrence has made it his mission in life to help individuals and commercial organizations gain a heightened operational awareness, completely rethink the way they operate, and engage them in a comprehensive process of culture analysis and course correction. Once this is achieved, Terrence provides guidance and support to help them thrive in their streamlined environment for sustained success. With the help of Dr. Terrence Vandiver, you can succeed in building a championship culture in your organization, and even improve your personal life.

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